Sell Your Home For Top Dollar and the Highest Net
"Be Referred to just about any Top Local Realtor and Keep Some of the Real Estate Commissions for Yourself ! 
Why work with discount agents when you can work with best full service local Realtors at discount prices? 
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Smart Buyer Program
  • Work with the Listing Agent directly or work with a local area Buyer's Agent.  We help you decide when its in your best interest to bypass buyer's agents.  Once, you have made a choice we seek a referral agreement with the agent you select and we share the referral fee ... with you.   
  • We help you gather crucial information from listing agents before you agree to see the property or work with any agent.  Helping you to pre-negotiate winning offers and helping you capture some of the buyer's agent commissions for yourself.  
  • We can also help you purchase Solar Homes which are frequently worth 5% to 10% more than the equivalent home without Solar Panels.  Solar Panels can save you 500 dollars per month in electricity costs which is more than the the payment on $100,000 dollars of mortgage at 4.5% on a 30 year fixed. 
  • Set up a free 20 minute strategy session with John to learn more.   ​ 
Smart Seller Program
  • Work with the Top Listing Agent in your Area, or choose a neighbor or a friend.  With our program you work with agent of your choice or we can use our proprietary methods to find you the best Realtors in your area.
  • We will contact the listing Agent, seek a written referral agreement and share some of the referral fee with you once your home sells.  We share the referral fee via escrow so you are "paid" at the close from escrow.  Talk to us about the details.  
  • Optional - 7 Day Home Sale method in which you spend the first 7 days accepting offers  You could sell for more by having the buyers bid against each other instead of binding yourself to one of the first few buyers who submit an offer.       
  • For more info set up a strategy Session with John  and see if you purchase or sale qualifies for our Smart Seller program.  
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